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Convenient Functions of FrontShot

FrontShot is loaded with convenient functions.

Please refer to the following to use FrontShot with greater convenience.

■ "Tilt Correction" function
When photographing objects such as papers in the horizontal plane mode, the tilt of the paper is detected, and the result is an image with no tilt.

■ "Plumb" function
It's quite difficult to take photos straight, with no rotation of the iPhone. When this function is used with vertical and slanted planes, the image appears straight even if the iPhone rotates.

■ Change orientation to the 90° direction
In rooms and the city, it's often the case that a right angle is formed between walls and other planes. Therefore, there is a function for changing the viewing direction to 90° when viewing in manual mode. If this function is used, and the direction with respect to an initial plane is designated, then when viewing a plane at 90° to that plane or the plane behind (plane in the 180° direction), the orientation can be changed to the 90° direction simply by tapping the right or left edge of the screen, even if the direction of that plane is not designated again.

■ "4-Side Tilt Correction"
The straight frontal image is calculated using sensors in the iPhone. The sensors may produce error depending on the location, surrounding situation, and other factors. If there is error, the image will exhibit some distortion. Therefore, the app has "4-Side Tilt Correction." If this function is used, then even if the four sides (top, bottom, left, right) are each slightly tilted in another direction, the function will straighten them out. (There may be cases where the result is not perfectly straight, depending on the situation.)

■ "Document" mode
The app has a "Document" mode, and when this mode is used for documents and other paperwork, the background is whitened for better visibility. The app also has a shadow removal function.

■ "Edge Detection" function.
It is possible to detect the edges of documents, etc. Those edges are corrected to be a rectangle. With this app, the edges are detected after converting the image to a straight frontal view, and thus edge detection is achieved more easily.

[Other functions]

  • Zoom (pinch in) is possible while shooting.

  • Size (aspect ratio) for shooting can be designated.

  • Trimming can be done after shooting.

  • When the orientation is set to automatic with a slanted plane, the app displays the angle of slant of the slanted plane. (This is displayed at "S" on the status bar in the center of the screen.)

  • There are three types of color correction: Original, Lighten, and Document. Darkness can also be designated with Lighten and Document.

  • The image can be stored or sent to the Camera Roll, Email, or another app.

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