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Displays a straight frontal view in real-time




The English version was released on August 5, 2019.
(Now, English and Japanese are supported.)

Turns any plane into a straight frontal view in real-time.

FrontShot is an app that enables real-time display and shooting of the straight frontal view of any plane.
The app can handle horizontal, vertical, and slanted planes, and thus can turn any plane into a straight frontal view.

Operation is simple. For a horizontal plane, just point the camera at the plane. For vertical and slanted planes,

two modes are available: automatic and manual.

In automatic mode, just point the camera at the plane, as with a horizontal plane.

Even in manual mode, you can quickly see a straight frontal view through simple operation.

Can be used in a variety of situations.

Can be used for various purposes including: selling online sale items, documents, timetables, and buildings.


For online sale items


For documents


For posters and timetables


For buildings and interiors

Three types of planes can be converted into a straight frontal view in real-time

Horizontal planes

Mode for a horizontal plane such as tables, the ground, and ceilings.

Vertical planes

Mode for a vertical plane such as walls and objects affixed to walls.

Slanted planes

Mode for shooting objects at a slant.

simple operation

Simple to use.

For shooting horizontal planes, just point the camera at the object. No operation is necessary.

When shooting vertical or slanted planes, the orientation must be designated (automatically or manually). When set to automatic mode, just point the camera at the object and a straight frontal view will appear, as with a horizontal plane. Operation in manual mode is also extremely easy.

Shooting a horizontal plane

Just point the camera at the object, and it will appear as a straight frontal view.

No operation is necessary.

Just point the camera.


[Horizontal plane]

Shooting a vertical/slanted plane

The orientation of the plane must be designated. There are automatic and manual modes.


The plane orientation is calculated automatically. Just point the camera, and a straight frontal view of the plane appears. In automatic mode, the orientation of the plane is calculated by recognizing horizontal and vertical lines. If there are no horizontal or vertical lines, designation is done manually.


Plane orientation is designated through the simple operation of just pointing the iPhone at a right angle to the direction of the plane, and pressing the button on the screen. (In the case of a slanted plane, align the iPhone with the plane, and press the button.) When orientation designation is finished, the straight frontal view will appear when you point the camera at the plane.

In automatic mode, just point the camera.


[Vertical plane]

[Slanted plane]


Designate plane orientation


Designate plane orientation

FrontShot is loaded with convenient functions.

The app has many convenient functions including: tilt correction, changing orientation to the 90° direction, and document mode.

Using FrontShot to the fullest.

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  • Instagramの社会のアイコン

Images taken with FrontShot can be saved, sent with an app, or used with email or social media.

Why not try it out?

First try the free (trial) version.

*You can use the trial version if you watch a video Ad.


*Purchase via an in-app purchase from the free (trial) version.

*Please check the price at the App Store. (The price is subject to change without prior notice.)

No Android version has been developed yet. (Development is currently under consideration.)

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